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Accounting Services

At XebraTax Accounting we help Businesses, Trusts, Rental Property Investors and individuals.  Our accounting service looks after all your bookkeeping and accounting needs to make sure you stay on top of all your business management and tax compliance responsibilities.  We offer you a ‘total peace of mind’ solution.

We are the leader in the ‘Bookkeeping and Accounting’ market and first to leverage our services through several innovative technologies.  It is through the implementation of these technologies that we are in a unique situation where we able to offer you a superior accounting service and at a lower price.

Our goal is to save you time, money and stress.  Our accounting service will give you ‘total peace of mind, more time for the things you want to do, at a very economical price’. This combination offers you fantastic value and we are confident is the best offer on the market!

Getting started with our Accounting Service…

It is very easy to get started with us at XebraTax.  It doesn’t matter if you are a new business looking for a great Accounting service or an existing business that already has an Accountant.  Getting started with us is simple and easy. You simply register online with a few clicks and a phone call if need be. There’s no time consuming meetings needed.

XebraTax Accounting service makes business easierOnce our team have you set up as a Client, business and life becomes a lot easier;

  1. You will get assigned your personal Xebra Advisor. This Xebra Advisor will do all your data entry for your bookkeeping, saving you literally hours of work or from hiring another bookkeeper.
  2. Your Xebra Advisor will complete any GST Tax returns within a few days of the end of that GST period.
  3. Our Accounting team complete and submit your end of year financial statements as soon as you need them.
  4. We give you regular updates and reports, either monthly or quarterly, via email and online.

Our XebraTax Accounting service allows you to  sit back, focus on your primary business and enjoy the ‘peace of mind, extra time and monetary savings’ we provide you.

Working with us means you’re with an experienced and innovative, nationwide, accounting provider that serves your needs professionally and efficiently. Our XebraTax accounting service is the best value in the industry.

So read below to see how you can get started…

First you’ll need to set up a business bank account that’s just for your business income and expenses – not your personal spending.  

Your business bank account will be connected online to the Xero Accounting Software we set up for you (see point two below). All the major banks integrate with Xero, however the two easiest banks for this integration are ASB and Kiwibank.  Your Xebra Advisor will assist with this set up.

Next, XebraTax will set you up on the Xero accounting platform. The Xero software connects with yourself, Xebra’s team and your bank. It means Xebra can use your bank records to calculate your GST, and you can keep an eye on what’s going on too. Xebra chooses to use Xero, a Kiwi company that is a global leader in accounting software.

Then, once you’re set up you can sit back, relax a bit and let your Xebra Advisor get to work.

You’ll be allocated an experienced professional bookkeeper from the XebraTax team who’ll be fully trained and approved and Xero Certified. Each month, Xebra’s bookkeeper codes the transactions and allocates them to the correct expense heading. If they’re not sure what a transaction is for, they’ll drop you an email and ask you. If you can get back to them within three working days, that’s great, because it means the reports Xebra sends you will be, on time, up to date and accurate.

If you’re registered for GST then every two or six months they’ll complete your GST returns and let you know how much you need to pay and when you need to pay it. You’ll get a text reminder a few days before the due date too.

At the end of the tax year Xebra will also prepare your annual accounts and annual tax returns. They might ask you for some extra information, like interest certificates from your bank and details of the use of your home office. Maybe you have customers that owe you money or suppliers that haven’t been paid at the end of the financial year.

Xebra will use all this information to prepare your accounts and income tax return. They’ll send you a copy for you to approve and then they’ll file your tax return electronically with the Inland Revenue. Again, they’ll let you know how much income tax you owe and when it needs to be paid – and they’ll send you a text reminder a few days before it’s due.

We will also submit your Companies Office annual filing report

The cost of all of this is covered by Xebra’s small monthly fee. If you want, it can be deducted automatically from your business account – and of course it’s tax deductible!