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13 Reasons Why Accounting & Tax Compliance Has Never Been Easier For Small Businesses…

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  • Get timely & accurate accounts and tax compliance within a few days of Months/Year End

  • A complete Bookkeeping & Accountant service to meet your needs

  • We have created amazing value through the use of technology, so we can provide you a better service, faster and more economical than your current or past accountant!

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Get timely & accurate accounts & tax compliance within a few days of Months/Year End

  • Regular bookkeeping, processing and reconciling of your bank statements. If you are GST registered – this includes GST Returns filed – we will tell you when and how much your payment/refund is;
  • Annual financial statements and Income Tax returns professionally prepared within 15 days of your requesting them;
  • We enter and correctly code all your business income and expenditure data onto Xero. Because we do the data entry we know you have accurate tax returns with no surprises and no penalties
  • A stress free solution to your tax compliance needs

A complete Bookkeeping & Accounting advisory service

  • A New Zealand Call Centre run by employees of our company offering extended hours calling
  • A free 0800 number for those important calls
  • Your own personal Xebra Advisor who is a trained bookkeeper and certified Xero Advisor
  • We can review your tax obligations regularly avoiding over and underpayments which will assist your cash forecasting
  • We will deal directly with your existing accountant to assist your transfer to Xebra – seamlessly and painlessly!

We have created amazing value using better technology, better systems & a great team

  • Based on a very competitive, fixed, low monthly subscription fee
  • No hourly rates or a need to charge you for every 6 minutes based on high cost structures or industry inefficiency.
  • No hidden fees for that one off phone call. We clearly outline our fees including our monthly subscription
  • We promise you a better service, that is faster and will do more for less.

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