The XebraTax Accounting ‘4X’ Value Process – “The Best Value Tax Compliance Service On The Market!”

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What is the ‘4X Process’ & how does it benefit you?

XebraTax ‘Xebra’ have heavily invested in innovative technologies to offer you all the benefits that can be achieved from an online service. It is the combination of these innovative technologies and our XebraTax processes and team that have culminated in XebraTax now being able to offer you ‘the best value accounting service on the market’. Some of the benefits to you are;

  1. A faster accounting service;
  2. Our accounting service saves you time
  3. Friendlier helpful accounting advisory service.
  4. Get access to monthly business reports such as ‘Profit & Loss’ and Cashflow statements within a few days of the end of each month.
  5. The online technology is getting cheaper and saves you money.
  6. Total ‘Peace of Mind’ you accounts are completed on time and your Tax compliance is up to date.

The ‘4x Process’ explained…

The ‘4X Process’ comprises of the following;

1. ‘X1’ – We Use Xero Accounting Software.

Xebra put all our Accounting and tax compliance clients on the Xero accounting software. Xero is ‘beautiful accounting software’ and is another ‘Kiwi success story’ that has gone global.  Xebra will subscribe you to Xero and set your business up on Xero. If you are already using Xero we can easily transfer your Xero account from your old Accountant over to us at Xebra.

2. ‘X2’ – You Get Your Own XebraTax Advisor.

XebraTax Advisors do all your data entry into Xero.As soon a you become a Xebra Client you will be assigned your own Xebra Advisor. You Xebra Advisor is a Bookkeeper and certified Xero Accounting specialist who will set up your business onto Xero and will help you get your business banking accounts linked online to your Xero account.  

Every month, your Xebra Advisor will enter all your monthly transactions into Xero, coding each transaction correctly,and reconciling your transactions to your bank statements, so we can use this data for monthly reports such as a ‘Profit & Loss’ report, cashflow report etc.  This is also used for any GST Reports and your ‘end of year’ accounts. This service saves our clients many hours of work and gives them ‘Total peace of mind’ their accounts are in order are coded correctly.

Because or Xebra Advisors are Certified Xero specialists and trained bookkeepers by Xebra we can guarantee the integrity of the data being entered into your Xero account. This means you can ‘rest easy and relax’ knowing your accounts are correct and they are done on time. We are are so confident that you will be totally happy with our service we have ‘Guaranteed’ our service with our ’90 Day Money Back Guarantee’.

3. ‘X3’ – Our Xebra Systems.

Xebra has combined the use of these innovative technologies and our specialist team to develop robust systems that deliver to you ‘the best value accounting service on the market’.  Xebra has also innovated our service through the use of Infusionsoft which is a fantastic CRM system to deliver our service online. For example – Our client ‘sign up’ process is all managed via Infusionsoft and takes just a few clicks of your mouse to sign up with Xebra as a client. This includes getting a ‘Scope of Services’ proposal and agreement sent to you; an IRD Tax authority form is signed online so we can communicate on your behalf with the IRD. All done with a few clicks of the mouse. Simple, fast and easily done!

4. ‘X4’ – Our ‘X’cellent Reporting.

Your Xebra Advisors will have all your data entry into Xero up to date within a few days of the end of each month. We will then give you access to a variety of different business reports. Some of these are your reports through Xero, such as your profit and loss report, cashflow report etc. However Xebra has invested in artificial intelligence to produce more detailed specific management reports too. There are specific tax compliance reports for small businesses and management reports for those whom want to be a little more proactive. 

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