Take The Accountant Services Comparison Challenge To See What Time, Money & Peace Of Mind You Can Gain!

What is the “Accountant Services Comparison Challenge”!

The “Accountant services comparison challenge” is where you get to take a good look at your Business bookkeeping and accounting setup and compare the current service you are getting, the precious time you are investing, the hassle you are putting yourself through and the money you are paying to what you can receive from the team at XebraTax Accounting!  See the sample report below!

XebraTax Accounting service Comparison Challenge

Complete This Short Questionnaire…

All you need to do is complete this short questionnaire and you’ll receive via email a report giving you a comparison of the service and prices you are paying now to what you could be paying as a XebraTax Customers.

Here are 9 key benefits working with XebraTax:

  1. We have a flat small monthly fee that covers all our services;
  2. Your Xero Subscription is included in our prices;
  3. We do all your data entry saving you time and hassle;
  4. We submit any GST returns you need to make and tell you when to pay them;
  5. We give you access to monthly business reports;
  6. We produce your ‘End of Year’ accounts and this is included in our flat monthly fee;
  7. We Guarantee your ‘Total satisfaction’ with our service as we offer all clients a ’90 Day Money Back Guarantee;
  8. You save a lot of money when you compare our prices with your previous accountants;
  9. You have ‘Total Peace Of Mind’ your Tax Compliance is up to date!

Simply Complete The Questionnaire To Begin Saving!

XebraTax your relax we do your numbers